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About Us

SinaPharm Ltd. was founded by Dr. Hossein Gharib in February 2005. Our pharmaceutical company is a globally operating organization focusing on human health and wellness.

Our mission has been discovering and improving ways to prevent and treat disease by means of enabling access to different types of medications for people around the world. We are dedicated to serve our partners and the world’s health requirements.

SinaPharm has a broad experience in the pharmaceutical market of Europe and is Austria’s trusted partner for worldwide pharma affairs. Thus, we are considered a highly credible and proficient contact for all your needs in biotechnology with an expertise on pyrogenes and cell cultures.

Based on the renowned knowledge of our skilled team of scientists, SinaPharm implements European technology throughout the world. We’re highly interested in supporting underprivileged nations, in order to share our achievements and give everyone the prospect for a better future.

SinaPharm is a major participant in the organisation of numerous economic emissions and congresses. Thanks to the support of our renowned international experts, we are proud that our philosophy has touched the hearts and minds of fellow human beings.


Our key objective is to support and improve wellness of human beings by implementing life science in form of high quality healthcare products and solutions. In addition, we strive to retain our already established position as a reliable long-term pharmaceutical business partner.


Professional and neverending research and development combined with fairness and trustfulness are SinaPharm´s foundation pillars. For us, our partner wellfare is of the highest priority and our aim. Partnership means tight connection, affected by mutual appreciation, sevice and competence. SinaPharm gives an example for peaceful synergy between East and West, tradition and modern spirit.

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