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OsteoCalVit®, OsteoCalVitFort®

Right after the corporation of SinaPharm we aquired OsteoCalVit®, the (worldwide) first calcium/vitamin D3 tablet that is suited for prevention and therapy of osteoporosis.

It is generally known, that osteoporosis is a slinking disease, remaining undetected for years. According to the WHO, osteoporosis is considered to be the most frequent disease of the human muscosceletal system.

The introduction of OsteoCalVit® means a revolutionary reformation in the fight against osteoporosis. Due to its easy application and excellent compatibility OsteoCalVit® ensures the daily need for calcium and vitamin D3 in perfect composition.

OsteoCalVit® and OsteoCalVitFort® swallable tablets are available in respectively 30/60 pcs. and 60pcs. packages. While both contain 500mg of Calcium, OsteoCalVit® contains 5 µg and OsteoCalVitFort® 10,25µg of vitamin D3!

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