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Our appearance affects our inner life. The fact that the aging process cannot be interrupted is well known, but many a person feels better when they appear yet younger, and the VIVA® SKIN line of products is here to make major contributions to your appearance.

The VIVA® SKIN care series was developed and tested in cooperation with leading dermatologists and according to the highest scientific standards. The objective was to offer a line of product that guarantees the highest skin-compatibility. Unlike other products on the market, VIVA® SKIN contains not anhydrous wool fats and no parabens, which those allergic to these substances will appreciate.

VIVA® SKIN is entirely suitable for the more demanding skin types. The various forms of VIVA® SKIN, be it cremes, salves or fatty ointments have been developed with regard to the many different skin-types and are compatible with normal, dry or oily skin. Facial lotions and body milks complete the VIVA® SKIN care series, that are being made available to you after long years of scientific efforts for the sake of streamlining the right skin care for you.

Visit VIVA® SKIN’s own website (currently only available in German):

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